Customize the Porsche Cayenne with Tequipment

January 27th, 2017 by

We’ve been telling many of our clients at Rusnak/Westlake Porsche about Tequipment. If you aren’t familiar with this rather interesting word, it is the term that refers to the collection of accessories and products that enable you to personalize and customize your Porsche vehicle. One of the vehicles for which there is an abundance of Tequipment products and features is the Porsche Cayenne. Whether you currently own one of these luxury crossover SUVs or you are in the market for one, having knowledge about Tequipment will broaden your vision of what’s possible regarding your SUV’s customization. For example, are you a cyclist, a skier, or someone who otherwise utilizes above-vehicle storage? If so, roof racks for the Porsche Cayenne are just one example of Tequipment that you can utilize. With the available dual-panel moonroof for the Porsche Cayenne, setting items on top of this glass panel for storage is impractical; but roof racks solve the problem. Other examples of Tequipment for the Porsche Cayenne include specialized wheels with bold designs and color options. Already, passersby can’t help but gawk at the Porsche Cayenne as it drives past them on the roads of Thousand Oaks. However, with personalizations on your SUV thanks to Tequipment, you can also represent your own personality and aesthetic creativity to the world around you. Inquire about the new Porsche Cayenne and available Tequipment products at our dealership today.

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