Porsche History 101

Porsche is one of the most ubiquitous auto manufacturers in the world, producing many of the most highly-coveted performance vehicles available on the market. From their incredible performance capability, to their finely crafted interiors, they are truly world-class automobiles in every conceivable aspect. But how did Porsche become the brand we know and love today? Porsche history is steeped in lore, and the team at Rusnak/Westlake Porsche near Westlake Village is here to help you learn everything you need to know.

Then and Now

Porsche History begins with Ferdinand Porsche himself, who started his company as a consultant for vehicle development in 1931. He was originally commissioned by the German government to help found Volkswagen, but officially turned to performance vehicle production in 1948. Soon thereafter, development of the first official production Porsche model began, and the Porsche 356 was released in small quantities. The 356 was popular for its incredibly lightweight construction, and found favor with racers. The Porsche 550 was released in 1952, and quickly became their most popular race car. In 1964, the 356 was set to retire, and was replaced by the now-legendary Porsche 911. Today, Malibu and Agoura Hills drivers know Porsche is synonymous with incredible performance and unmatched luxury. Porsche now offers a wide range of high-performance luxury models that provide world-class comfort, luxury, safety, and of course, speed.

Porsche Models History

Throughout the years, Porsche has made dozens of iconic vehicles. Porsche models history offer their own storied past, and have helped Porsche carve their legacy into an automotive icon. Learn more about Porsche models history below:

  • 1948 Porsche 356: The first officially-produced Porsche model, the 1948 Porsche 356 paved the way for the brand as we know it today, and is still highly coveted for its beauty.
  • 1952 Porsche 550 Spyder: The 550 Spyder was one of the most successful lightweight race cars of its time. This model was also known for being owned by actor James Dean.
  • 1975 Porsche 911 Turbo 3.0: The fastest car of its time, the Porsche 911 Turbo soon became synonymous with incredible turbocharged performance. Today, all Porsche 911 models use a turbocharged engine.
  • 2002 Porsche Cayenne: The Porsche Cayenne helped redefine what it means to be quintessentially Porsche. As the first non-sports car the manufacturer developed, the Porsche Cayenne helped establish the high-performance SUV as not only a legitimate segment, but an incredibly popular one at that.

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