How Does the Porsche PDK Transmission Work?

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If you’re keen on the Porsche performance features and drivetrain specs, you’re likely familiar with the Porsche PDK transmission. After all, it’s available on a wide range of Porsche models, ranging from the Porsche 911 to the Porsche Macan. Are you wondering, “what is the PDK transmission?” Our team at Rusnak/Westlake Porsche will help you learn about the Porsche PDK transmission today to help you better understand how it can improve your performance in Agoura Hills.

How the PDK Transmission Works

While some may believe otherwise, the 7-speed Porsche Doppelkupplungsgetriebe PDK is not an automatic transmission. While automatic transmissions use a torque converter to make your gears change, the PDK transmissions still rely on human input with paddle shifters to initiate gear changes. It works much like two manual transmissions in tandem–one set for odd gears, and one set for even. When you’re in an odd gear, the clutch packs engage the even gears, allowing them to spin freely, as if they were set to neutral in a manual transmission. This means they are always ready to be selected the exact moment you’re ready to change gears. In fact, gear changes with the Porsche PDK are so quick, they are nearly imperceptible to humans–lasting only a few milliseconds.

Porsche PDK vs. Manual

Compared to manual transmissions, the PDK offers faster shifts, reactions, acceleration, and lap times. The PDK transmission was originally developed for racing, but it also offers many more advantages as well. There’s no clutch to engage, meaning you can focus more on hitting apexes, or simply enjoying your Agoura Hills commutes. And of course, it even offers an automatic mode for everyday drives. Further advantages include:

  • Quickest available acceleration
  • Fast gear changes with no powerband interruption
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Enhanced comfort overall
  • Lighter weight

Which Porsche Vehicles Offer the PDK?

What Porsche models use the Porsche PDK transmission? Take a look at the models that use this incredible motorsports-derived transmission below:

Try Out the Porsche PDK Transmission Near Westlake Village!

Are you ready to see how a Porsche PDK transmission can help make your lap times quicker and your daily drives more enjoyable? Our team at Rusnak/Westlake Porsche is ready to help you get behind the wheel of your favorite Porsche PDK-equipped model in Westlake Village. Contact us today to schedule a test drive near Malibu.

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