When to Replace a Serpentine Belt

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Car beltsWondering how long a serpentine belt will last? The serpentine belt (or fan belt/drive belt/accessory drive belt) in your Porsche is made of highly durable rubber, and can generally be expected to last for 50,000 to 100,000 miles. Heat and friction tend to wear down the serpentine belt over time, so it’s important to have it regularly inspected at our service center near Westlake Village. Learn more about when to replace your serpentine belt from the experts at Rusnak/Westlake Porsche.

What Does a Serpentine Belt Do?

The long, winding, serpentine belt in your Porsche drives power to the alternator, power steering pump, water pump, and a/c system. When in good condition, the drive belt efficiently and effectively delivers power to other systems in the vehicle as well.

Signs It’s Time for Replacement

Due to normal wear and tear over time, serpentine belts begin to peel, crack, slip, or fray, reducing their effectiveness. Some of the warning signs that your serpentine belt needs to be replaced include:

  • Squealing Noises: Squealing, screeching, or chirping sounds indicate that the belt is stretched too far, has lost tension, or the belt and pulley are not correctly aligned.
  • Wear and Tear: It’s easy to tell when the belts are wearing out. If you see cracks, uneven wear, or fraying, it’s time to have them replaced.
  • Systems Failure: If the power steering and/or air conditioning go out, you should have the serpentine belt replaced as soon as possible.
  • Complete Breakdown: If the belt fails to work it will result in a potentially dangerous breakdown, which can be an extremely dangerous situation for you and others on roads in and around Malibu. Breakdowns can be prevented by regularly inspecting and replacing the belts as needed.

What is a Belt Tensioner?

Today almost all drive belts come with self-adjusting belt tensioners. These apply the correct amount of tension on the belt through an internal spring and pulley system. Belt tensioners help to prevent the belt from breaking or slipping, which in turn ensures that the power steering, cooling system, and engine keep running. The belt tensioner should be replaced at the same time as the serpentine belt.

Schedule Belt Service Near Agoura Hills

Making a point of routinely inspecting your Porsche model’s serpentine belt will help to prevent costly repairs down the road. When you bring your Macan, Panamera, or 911 in for an inspection or affordable oil change at Rusnak/Westlake Porsche, our certified service technicians will make sure your drive belt is in good condition, and will also check your tire tread, transmission fluid and brake fluid level, and more. Make sure to take a look at our current auto service specials to find money-saving deals on a wide range of maintenance services, then schedule a service appointment today!

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